Tips For Hiring Exterior House Painter

Exterior House Painters

When you want to make your house look its best, hiring exterior house painters is the best option. These professionals can take care of the entire process, from selecting colors to estimating costs. A home owner might try to do the painting himself, but it’s always a better idea to hire professionals for this job. Listed below are some of the benefits of hiring professionals:


The cost of exterior house painting varies widely. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1.50 to $4 per square foot, and the price can also be affected by the size and condition of your home. Two-story houses tend to be more expensive than three-story houses, as the work involves climbing ladders and repositioning them. There’s also an increased risk of falling while painting a two-story home.


If you have just painted the exterior of your home, you may be wondering what the best time to paint is. While most people prefer summertime to fall, that is not necessarily the case in every region. When planning to paint the exterior of your home, you should focus on when the weather is best. For instance, if you live in an area where hurricanes are common, you should plan your exterior painting projects early in the season. Extreme heat can cause the paint to dry immediately and prematurely cure.


While you may be tempted to DIY exterior house painting, hiring a professional is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Not only does it save you time and money, but good quality paint can also protect your home against the elements, which can cause it to fade over time. Here are some tips for choosing quality exterior house painters:


The colors you choose for the exterior of your home should be in keeping with the style of your property and personal taste. However, real estate professionals warn that neon shades, dark colors, and drab or dingy colors detract from your home’s marketability. For expert advice on choosing the perfect colors, contact a Southern Painting company. We can help you choose a color scheme that will enhance your property’s appeal.


If you’re planning on painting your home’s exterior, there are several pieces of equipment you need to have on hand. One important tool is a caulking gun, which is useful for pre-painting the walls. There are three types, including the manual one that requires pushing the plunger and pulling the trigger. This can be messy and can be difficult to control. Smooth rod manual caulking guns have a built-in cutter for more control.

Size of home

The size of your home will be the most significant factor in the cost of exterior house painting. The square footage of your home will determine how much paint you need and how many people will be needed to complete the job. Other factors that will affect the cost of painting your home include the number of gables, soffits, and facia, as well as chimneys. You should research the cost of hiring exterior house painters before hiring one.