How Much Do Movers Charge?

If you’re moving out of a house into an apartment, you may need to hire movers. These professionals can help you move all of your belongings in a timely manner, saving you the headache and hassle of doing it yourself. They also know how to pack items properly, which can make your move less stressful. However, hiring movers can be expensive. You’ll want to weigh your options and decide whether they’re worth the money.

There are many factors that affect how much movers charge, so getting an accurate quote is essential. For example, your home’s size will affect how long it takes to load up and unload. The number of bedrooms and the square footage of your home are usually the most important details to provide when obtaining a quote. Your budget, insurance coverage and what services you purchase will also play a role in your moving costs.

A full-service mover will provide packing movers Citrus Park services, as well as loading and unloading your belongings into their truck. These companies usually offer an hourly rate for packing, which is typically separate from the cost of a move. Full-service movers could be a local company, like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK or College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, or they might be a national van line, such as United Van Lines or North American Van Lines.

Most movers will offer complimentary released-value protection for interstate moves. This insurance covers 60 cents per pound of your belongings. You can buy additional coverage from your mover, but it will add to the overall cost of your move.

You’ll also pay more if you require a certain type of specialty service, like disassembling an antique dresser or wrapping a large mirror in bubble wrap. Additionally, if your movers have to travel over an obstacle, such as a narrow driveway or flight of stairs, they will add on extra charges for that as well.

Many movers will also offer an unpacking service for an additional cost. This is a great option for those who don’t have the time to do it themselves or don’t have the muscle power to lift and carry heavy boxes.

If you have any special items, such as a grand piano or an aquarium, you’ll need to arrange for professional transportation for these items. Be sure to discuss these with your movers as early as possible to avoid surprise fees.

As you prepare to move, check in with your movers the day before your move. They might have a few tasks for you to complete before they arrive, such as unplugging appliances or cleaning up the yard. You should also clear out the space you’ll be moving to — sweeping, mopping and wiping down baseboards will make it easier for your movers to do their job. Although it might be tempting to assist the movers, they will appreciate if you stay out of their way. It can be distracting for them to have you hovering around, and you might be liable for any accidents that occur.