A phone number validation API is an online software program

Phone number validation API is a powerful tool that helps businesses ensure only valid and reachable numbers enter their databases. It helps eliminate erroneous data entry, reduces costs associated with SMS and voice call marketing, and minimizes fraud by detecting inactive or invalid phone numbers. It also makes it easier for organizations to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by detecting the correct line type, such as landline, mobile or VoIP. Using a real-time phone validation service is easy with plugins that can be integrated seamlessly in websites, e-commerce stores, CRM and ERP systems, and more.

Invalid or incomplete contact information is not only a waste of time, but can also lead to costly misunderstandings and lost revenue. It can also damage brand reputation and customer loyalty. That’s why it is important to have a phone verification system in place to streamline the process of gathering contact information and improving organizational database accuracy.

A phone number validation API is an online software program that helps you validate the authenticity of a telephone number by checking it against a database of existing phone numbers, looking up its status and verifying its existence in the network. It can also identify and reformat the local and international dialing formats of a phone number and detect the carrier type (fixed, mobile, etc.) by analyzing the prefix of the phone number.

Choosing the best phone number validation API depends on your business needs and budget. Some services offer free trials or low-cost plans, while others charge per use. It is also necessary to consider the different parameters of each service, such as the number format and country code detection, before making a final decision.

NumVerify offers a simple, straightforward API that supports both national and international formats and provides an identifier for the verified phone number. It is free for most use cases and comes in XML or JSON formats. It also includes retry buffers to avoid accidentally spamming users and hitting API rate limits.

Neutrino is another popular phone number validation API that provides a variety of tools for developers to solve complex problems. It is available in XML or JSON and has parameters like a number, country code, and IP address. It can also determine the location of a phone number and parse it into local and international formats.

Byteplant is another reliable phone number validation API that can be integrated into websites, e-commerce storefronts, CRM and ERP systems, and more. It can check the accuracy of a phone number in real-time and standardize it for all countries. In addition, it can detect the correct line type and is compliant with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It can also detect whether a phone number is inactive or disconnected. Byteplant also has a variety of other tools to help developers with their project, such as email validation and postal code lookup. It is available in several languages and has a free plan that allows you to use 50 lookups for up to 15 minutes.