Berry Springs Park is a Hidden Gem in Georgetown, Texas

Berry Springs Park, a hidden gem in Georgetown, Texas offers camping, hiking trails, playgrounds, fishing, and even donkeys. This 300 acre park will tug at your heartstrings when you stroll through the pecan groves or take in the views from the top of the hills that overlook the lake. It is truly a sight to behold and definitely one of Georgetown’s best kept secrets.

The campgrounds at berry springs park are set up around the beautiful pond and creek. Some of the campsites are improved with water and electricity while others are primitive. There is also a campfire pit, amphitheater and picnic shelters to enjoy the outdoors. The campgrounds are a great spot for families to relax, allowing them to unwind and take in the beauty of this natural area.

The hike and bike paths at berry springs park are easy, well shaded and often muddy. The shorter paths run through a shady and peaceful pecan grove while the longer trails are near the dam of the pond that resembles more of a lake than a pond. There are also several smaller creeks that flow into the pond. The trails at berry springs park are the perfect place to see wildlife and get a glimpse of the area’s history.

During pecan season the park’s orchards fill with squirrels picking up bagfuls of the tasty nuts. The ponds and creeks attract all kinds of interesting birds, such as the common duck, mallard, and blue heron. You may also be lucky enough to see a family of river otters playing in the water or a harmless ribbon snake swimming across the mill pond.

There are so many reasons to visit berry springs park and to come back again and again. This beautiful county park is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So grab a good book and some lunch and take some time to enjoy the outdoors at this gorgeous park.