Energy Efficient Windows From Pella

When shopping for replacement windows or new construction, homeowners should look for ENERGY STAR certified options. This designation is awarded by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to products that meet specific energy efficiency standards. Pella windows are designed with ENERGY STAR in mind, offering exceptional home energy savings and comfort year-round.

To achieve their energy-efficient properties, Pella windows feature multiple glass panes with Low-E coatings and durable insulation. Double- and triple-pane window options, along with nonmetallic spacers between the panes, prevent sunlight from directly transferring heat into your home. This keeps your interior at a comfortable temperature without overworking your heating or cooling system.

Additionally, a Low-E coating prevents UV light from entering the home and damaging furniture, curtains, and other items. This helps to protect the color and texture of these items from fading over time, and it also reduces harmful UV rays that cause sunburns on skin.

Energy efficient windows also incorporate insulated frames made from durable materials like vinyl and fiberglass. These materials offer superior strength and resistance to weathering and moisture damage, allowing them to keep their insulating qualities over time. This minimizes the need for costly maintenance and repair, ensuring that your home will be more energy efficient for a longer period of time.

The tight seals and improved construction of energy efficient windows also help to minimize air infiltration, which in turn translates into lower utility bills. This reduced strain on your heating and cooling systems results in immediate cost savings that can add up over time. Additionally, the enhanced design of these windows minimizes the amount of outside noise that can enter your home, allowing you to enjoy quieter evenings indoors.

Another financial benefit of energy efficient windows is the potential increase in your home’s resale value. When you replace your old, inefficient windows with ENERGY STAR certified models, you can expect to recoup the cost of the new windows within five years, depending on your climate and home size.

If you are considering new or replacement windows, start by reviewing the NFRC’s energy performance ratings. The ENERGY STAR label provides a quick and convenient way to compare the energy efficiency of different windows. Look for a U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) that correspond with your region of the country. These metrics measure a window’s thermal efficiency and provide important information about its overall energy performance.

Energy efficient windows are a smart investment for any home, providing instant savings and increased property value. The increased comfort, durability, and style of these windows make them a great addition to any home, and they can be easily customized to match any taste or décor. Be sure to have your new windows installed by a qualified professional who follows the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper installation and optimal performance. Otherwise, the energy-efficient features of your new windows may be compromised.