ProofTech Liquid Glass Screen Protector Review

The ProofTech Liquid Glass Screen protector offers a perfect combination of shatter resistance and durability, while not interfering with fingerprint sensors. What’s more, it reduces radiation by almost 80%. Its ease of installation makes it a convenient solution for nearly any device. It will prevent scratches and is compatible with most devices, including those with foldable screens. If you want to protect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen, you’ll find the proof in this review.

Luvvitt Liquid Glass

Unlike other screens protectors, the Luvvitt Liquid Glass is transparent and bonds to the glass of your device, resulting in enhanced scratch resistance. It is made from microscopic glass particles suspended in a liquid solution and fills in imperfections to provide an additional layer of glass, enhancing the strength of the screen to a nine-hour hardness. It also provides scratch resistance and has a guarantee for up to $250 in repair if your screen is damaged by a smudge or other object.

Liquid Glass screen protectors are super Liquid glass screen protector durable and crystal clear, and are also moisture and impact-resistant. They work by changing the molecular chemistry of the screen, making it more resistant to scratches and other damages. The unique liquid-liquid formulation of Liquid Glass protects the glass from scratching and other damages without adding a thick layer of protective film. This screen protector can be applied to almost any type of glass-covered device.

Liquid glass screen protectors are ideal for curved and foldable screens, and they can even be used on front-facing camera glass. These protectors are also thin and virtually invisible, making them an excellent choice for the screen of your smartphone. Unlike other screen protectors, they are scratch-free and resistant to damage. You can also use Liquid Glass on your laptop and desktop computers as well.

ProofTech Liquid Glass

ProofTech Liquid Glass is a cutting-edge liquid screen protector that bonds to the glass of your device. The technology is so advanced that it actually improves the hardness of the glass, making it nearly shatterproof. Liquid glass contains microscopic glass particles suspended in a liquid solution, so it not only protects the screen from scratches and nicks, it also improves the durability of the glass.

The ProofTech Liquid Glass Screen protector bonds to the surface of your device, increasing the screen’s strength and durability to 9H. Moreover, it enhances your device’s water and oil repellency, makes it easier to clean, and increases its anti-fingerprint properties. Besides, its easy application means it’s compatible with most devices. In addition, it works well with most foldable screens.

In addition to protecting your device’s screen, liquid glass screen protectors also improve the strength of the glass. This is especially important for curved and foldable screens. They also work great with front-facing cameras. These protective films are so thin that they’re nearly invisible and will prevent any scratches on your screen. Besides, Liquid Glass protects your device against scratches and other damages. So, buy a screen protector and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.