Choosing a Hardwood Door

Having a hardwood door can add an upscale appeal to your home. Hardwood has a natural texture and can look good for many years after it’s been cared for. It also provides a sense of stability and durability. It is easy to maintain and can be restored to a previous look.

There are many types of wood that can be used for exterior and interior doors. The best choice depends on your needs and what you’re looking for. You will want to choose a wood that is durable and that can withstand seasonal changes. Wood that is naturally decay resistant is also a good choice. You’ll also want to choose a door that’s light to minimize heat build-up.

The wood grain of a door can be a good indication of the type of wood it is made of. Some woods have knots and grain patterns that are more obvious than others. If you aren’t sure which type of wood you want, you can look for a hardwood professional to explain the difference between wood species.

Some hardwoods are better for exterior doors than others. For example, mahogany has a ribbon-like grain that is more durable than other hardwoods. The hardwood door wood also accepts stains and paints well. It also has a natural resistance to rot and termites.

Other types of wood that are recommended for interior doors include white pine and pine. These types of wood are less porous than red oak and maple, which makes them ideal for high-traffic areas. They are also inexpensive. White oak works well with tinted stains. Birch is another popular wood that is a great alternative to maple. It has the same look as maple but is less porous.

If you want an exterior door, you will want to choose one that is strong and durable. Mahogany is also recommended because it has a beautiful grain that looks great with many styles of home. Spanish cedar is a good choice because of its unique odor and its natural ability to resist termites.

Another type of wood that’s a good choice for exterior doors is hickory. Hickory is among the hardest woods that are commercially available. It has a distinctive grain that is often marked with mineral streaks. Hickory is also less prone to warping and shrinking than other hardwoods. This makes it a good choice for a barn door.

If you want to have a door that looks great, is durable and is easy to maintain, consider having one made of hardwood. Hardwoods are natural materials and can provide a look that is unmatched by other types of doors. They are also less expensive than other types of doors. If you decide to purchase a hardwood door, you’ll want to do your research to find the best fit for your home. You may also want to consider having a professional come in and customize your door to fit your home.

While there are many types of wood that you can choose from, you want to make sure that your hardwood door is structurally sound. The most important aspect of choosing a wood door is that it will last for many years.