Cabinet Painting – Tips For Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets

You may be interested in repainting your kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you begin: removing the cabinet doors, choosing the best paint, and getting a smooth finish. Also, you should consider how much it will cost to paint the cabinets. Below you’ll find some information to help you make a decision about which type of paint is best for your kitchen cabinets. After you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll be well on your way to repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Removing cabinet doors

Preparing your cabinets for painting is easy if you take spray painting kitchen cabinets encorepaintingltd them apart first. Make sure to label them first so that you can reassemble them later. Remove the drawer slides and other hardware before painting them. Afterwards, clean the cabinet surfaces and remove any traces of mildew or grease. If necessary, replace doors or drawers before painting them. When finished, paint the interior of the cabinet using a stain-resistant primer or paint.

Removing cabinet doors is the most basic painting step. Taking them off allows you to work on the cabinet’s entire surface and prevents any paint drips or brush strokes. You can also keep the doors out of the way while the paint dries. If the door is made of wood, you can fill in the gaps with wood putty. Finally, make sure the door is level and clean. If you do not remove the cabinet doors, the paint will not adhere to it.

Choosing the best paint

The paint you choose for your cabinet painting project will have a big impact on the end result. It must last for years, not peel, scratch, or stain. It should also have the right base and sheen. The most common paints for kitchen cabinets are oil-based, but you can also use water-based products. Water-based paint dries faster, is easier to work with, and is often available in low or no-VOC formulas.

When you choose the best paint for your cabinet painting, remember to look at the paint chip closely. While the color of the paint chip may not seem suitable for your cabinets, it may look wonderful in a different paint finish. Make sure to check the paint chip and the cabinet you plan to paint. If the paint chip looks too dark, it might be too dark. Likewise, the wrong paint finish may look dingy on your cabinets.

Getting a smooth finish

Getting a smooth finish on painted cabinets is vitally important for the finished product. Even after a thorough sanding process, dust and grease can still accumulate on the cabinet’s surface. This is where a heavy-duty kitchen cleaner can come in handy. A good choice for this task is Easy-Off, which will easily remove the remaining residue and grease. Once the surface is clean, you can begin the next step, which is painting.

Start by cleaning the cabinet surfaces with a degreaser and wipe off the cleaner. Then, fill in all holes with a good quality filler. After cleaning, make sure the cabinets are dry. Ideally, two thin coats are needed to cover all surfaces evenly. Using a roller is less effective than a paintbrush because it leaves behind orange peel texture. When using a brush, it is better to overlap each line of paint to make sure the edges and corners are evenly covered.


There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to paint your cabinets or replace them altogether. First of all, you should choose a contractor with extensive experience painting cabinets. They should also be insured, bonded, and have a good reputation in the community. Moreover, they should have a good license to work in your area. Once you have decided on the contractor, you need to discuss the cost of painting your cabinets with him.

The interior of a cabinet is the most expensive part. Professional painters charge between $2,000 and $8,000 depending on the number of cabinets and the amount of detail work they do. The cost may also include painting the drawer faces and the exposed back of cabinet boxes. You can also hire a professional painter to do this task for you. In addition to using a paint sprayer, professional painters may also use a brush to apply paint to cabinet boxes. Additionally, they may remove your cabinet doors and drawer faces and spray the paint outside or in the garage.