Bill Bhangal was a successful businessman

Bill Bhangal was a successful businessman who was able to change the way the auto industry functions. His business model has been based on providing a better customer experience. His success is the result of hard work and innovation, and he was able to keep his customers returning. He is the founder of a popular auto parts chain, Jiffy Lube.

Bill Hundal

In 2006, a jury found Bill Hundal guilty of six counts of lewd acts on his daughter. He is serving a six-year state prison sentence. The prosecutor introduced surveillance videotapes of Hundal’s family and testimony from the police officer who found adult pornography on Hundal’s computer. The prosecution also presented testimony from the victim.

M.’s mother was shocked to learn of what had happened. She protested, but her son persisted. She was wearing her first bra, and she had to try it on again.

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is a leader in oil changes in Woodside, NY. The company also performs a variety of preventative car maintenance services, including tire rotations and windshield wiper replacements. These technicians also perform car battery inspections. The best part is that you don’t have to make an appointment!

According to Mr. Bhangal, 75 percent of his customers return every four months. He also outsources customer satisfaction surveys every week. The reason why he has so many repeat customers is that he offers value-added services to keep his customers coming back. Some of the services he offers include a free vehicle wash when getting an oil change, free coffee in the lounge, and water bowls for pets. Another reason for his customer loyalty is that his prices are seven to 10 percent lower than his main competitor. However, Mr. Lube has a higher average price per customer.

Court system

When Bill Bhangal was convicted of stealing from his co-workers, the Crown suggested that the employee might have conspired with a witness. However Bill Bhangal, the Crown failed to establish this connection and Justice Cowan found the evidence of the senior manager to be credible. The charges and subsequent trial continue to affect Bhangal emotionally.

The complaint came after Bhangal and his associate went to Brampton to count lawn signs for a provincial election. The two stopped on a secluded road so the complainant could smoke her cigarettes. When Bhangal approached her, he kissed her and groped her under her shirt. The complainant called the police the following week and told her supervisor at work. She also informed her mother about the incident.

Customer retention

Bill Bhangal owns ten Jiffy Lube franchises in Southwestern Ontario. Unfortunately, his revenues have plummeted with the economy. Jiffy Lube customers used to visit his shop once every 4,000 to 5,000 miles; now, they arrive every 7,000 miles. Additionally, customers are using Jiffy Lube for less services. This is a problem that Bill Bhangal must address if he wants to stay in business.


One of the keys to success for Bill Bhangal’s marketing strategy is customer retention. He estimates that seventy-five per cent of his customers come back every four months. He outsources his marketing to a third party and conducts weekly customer surveys. He attributes this loyalty to the value-added services he offers. For example, he offers free vehicle cleaning with every oil change. His customers can also enjoy complimentary coffee in the lounge and water bowls for their pets. In addition, his prices are seven to ten per cent lower than his main competitor. Moreover, Mr. Lube charges more per customer than Mr. Bhangal does.

Bill Bhangal owns 10 Jiffy Lube franchises in Southwestern Ontario. However, his revenue has gone down with the economy. While customers used to visit his Jiffy Lube once every 4,000 to 5,000 kilometers, they are now only visiting the store every 7,000 kilometers. They are also consuming fewer services.